Whenever you are going outside with your family, on a vacation, are taking a solo trip, or simply returning back home from work. The most important thing is to take care of your safety. For that purpose it is very important that you carry a hidden gun with you. You should be carrying your gun in a hidden gun holster with you or you should be having a vehicle gun storage option that you should be looking into. One of the parts of your body where you can wear a gun holster is your leg. Drop Leg holsters are easy to wear and can give you easy access to your firearm whenever you need the most. There are various types of leg holsters available in the market. Let us have a look at all of them.

How to set up a drop leg holster

It is one thing to purchase and have a drop leg holster and another thing to set up and wear a drop leg holster. The most important thing is to have a fast access to your firearm but to free-up your waist for other things like wearing a belt or just not to have a gun up on your waist. So, let us go over the technique to set-up a drop leg holster.

  • Holster should be close to your size
  • Decide in which position you want to wear your holster
  • How to wear your drop leg holster

Holster should be close to your size

There are two types of drop leg holsters available. One comes with a universal fitting size and the other one in which you have to choose the perfect size for you. In my opinion it is best to purchase the second one in which you get the best possible fitting. In this the thigh straps will have the closest possible fit. This not only ensures comfort. But, also make sure that you do not have access material on your thighs to carry. The holster will hold securely without having to be cinched tight on your thigh which will cause discomfort and abrasion on your skin around the thighs.  You should have a holster that adapts to you and not the vice versa. This is also applicable to concealed carry guns. Apart from having the gun that is the right choice for you, you should also have a holster that is of the right fit for you. 

Decide in which position you want to wear your holster

Some people wonder in which position you should keep your drop down gun holster. Whether it should be towards the knee or on the side towards the hip. Well, it is totally a matter of choice. You can keep it in any way that you like. However, in more tactical settings you should see that your drop gun holster would hit any object or if the drop gun holster is awkward in tight positions. Any way, you should wear the drop gun holster in any way you like.

How to set up your drop leg holster

The very first time you put on a drop leg holster, you have to make a few adjustments. First of all you should start by getting the belt loops onto your belt to suspend the holster from the waist and fastening the leg straps. You will need the gun in your holster to check how it is fastened. Your arm should have some bend. If you have to straighten your arm, the holster is set too high on your thighs and if you have to consciously reach your gun then it is set in the wrong position. You should be able to reach your gun very easily and quietly. Most people find the best place to set the holster on the upper thigh. You may also need to adjust the belt loop to get the correct position. Once you have set the right height you should find the right settings on the thighs by tightening or loosening the straps. They should be firm but not over tight to cause discomfort. Once all this is done you are ready to use your drop leg holster. 

Drop Leg holster that you should purchase for your safety

Here are some of the leg holsters available in the market. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to purchase and wear a drop leg holster and different types of drop leg holster that you should purchase for your safety. 

Jinjuli tactical right hand thigh drop leg holster

This holster can be attached to the waistband and fastened to the leg. It also has mounting locations for accessories like magazines and knives. It fits the gun model colt 1911. It is used for right handed people. The flexible thigh straps confirm the leg size. 

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Paladins drop leg holster with magazine pouch

It is a thigh tactical leg holster with wrap around design and adjustable velcro strap. It is designed for the left hand and left thigh. The leg holster strap is fully adjustable for leg fit for 19-27 inches thigh circumference. The model height is 5 ft 9 inch and weight is 187 pounds. The leg holster can be attached to the waistband and fastened to the thigh. It has another pouch with a flashlight mount. It has dual thigh straps with non-slip backing and the buckles that release quickly. 

HWZ Tactical auto loading drop leg holster

This is the latest holster with adjustable height of pistol. The holster leans adjustably to make you draw the gun quickly and smoothly. Based on the interior configuration, when you draw the gun the pistol automatically unlocks, loads and locks the drop leg holster. Used for Glocks G 17 19 and 23. It is for right handed people.

HWZ Tactical Auto Loading Holster Level 3 Drop Lock Leg Thigh Pistol Holster for G17 19 23 (Black)
  • This is the very latest holster style .
  • Adjustable height of pistol in Holster
  • Adjustable lean of holste to make you drew the gun smoothly and quickly
  • Based on interior configuration of the HOLSTER when you draw, the pistol automatically unlocks, loads and lock Drop Leg Holster for G17 19 23
  • For Right Hand

Craft Drop leg Nylon Carry holster

This holster can be custom made for your specific needs in 30 days with a very good nylon material. The holster will have top quality and premium features. It comes with a premium 5 year warranty. The sig P320 X compatible holster allows you to carry your gun in an easy way and also allows easy access to the gun. It can also be carried in a concealed carry way. The holster comes in a default right handed design, but can also be custom made for left handed people. 

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VooDoo Tactical drop leg holster

It is used by special operation personnel all over the world. It is worn as a thigh rig and holds any handgun securely. In this holster there are three ways to secure your handgun, hook and loop strap, strap with a snap, snap with an E-buckle. The magazine holder is mounted to the holster. All straps are adjustable to custom fit. 

Voodoo Tactical Drop Leg Holster, Black
  • Package length: 26.924 cm
  • Package width: 27.177 cm
  • Package height: 10.16 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

So, here are some of the drop leg holsters that you should consider for buying. Let us know your opinion in the comments section below. 

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