Buying and keeping a gun at your home and keeping it away from the eyes of outsiders, burglars, thieves, and other people is a very big responsibility that you have to shoulder. You know that hanging the firearms on your living room wall and bragging about it to your friends is not a very good thing to do.

A house with firearms in plain sight can become an easy target for burglars. So, what will you do next? You will think about it and may end up buying a full-size gun safe for your home.

When buying a full-size gun safe you are not only spending a lot of money, but you are also drawing attention towards the gun that you think is secure inside it.

These safes are made up of inches of reinforced steel and will take up a lot of space in your house. Also, these safes are not always unbreakable. If someone makes a planned move to rob your house then the thief can come with a lot of time and can dismantle the safe very easily. 

So, apart from buying a large metal gun safe, what you can do to hide your firearm is to hide it in plain sight. But, how are we supposed to do this? Well, with the help of different hidden gun storage ideas you can store your firearms in plain sight under, behind, or with any furniture of your home. 

Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

There are a lot of hidden gun storage ideas that you can use to conceal your firearms. There are a ton of ways that you can store your gun in plain sight without another person having the slightest doubt about it. Here is the list of these ideas

  • Hidden gun storage mirrors
  • Hidden gun storage shelf
  • Coffee table with hidden gun storage
  • Framed art secret gun storage cabinet
  • Nightstand with RFID lock
  • Clock gun concealment safe
  • Gun concealment bench
  • Vault under bed safe
  • Hidden gun compartment air vent
  • Cabinets floating wall shelf
  • Gun concealment flag box
  • Hidden gun book safe

Hidden Gun Storage Mirrors

Hidden gun storage ideas

Having a big mirror hanging in the living room, dining area, or bedroom is a way to decorate your house and will draw attention only to look into the mirror and gaze at yourself. No one will have any idea that you are hiding a gun behind the mirror.

Hidden Gun Storage Shelf

In your drawing room or living room, you need to keep shelves to keep things or keep the decorative items on them. These hidden gun storage shelves can act as very good concealment for your firearms. The guns hidden in these shelves are easy to access and easy to hide from naked eyes. 

Coffee Table With Hidden Gun Storage

Hidden gun storage ideas

A great coffee table will increase the ambiance of your dining and kitchen area. Also, you can sit and relax at the coffee table with a cup of coffee. But, do you know that a coffee table can also be used to hide your firearms. Yes, there are coffee tables available with secret gun storage where you can store your gun. 

Framed Art Secret Gun Storage Cabinet

A great piece of art increases the beauty and value of your room and the house. But, do you know that these antique art pieces can also be used to hide your firearms in plain sight from the visitors. Nobody can believe that you might be hiding your gun behind this beautiful piece of art. 

Nightstand With RFID Lock

Hidden gun storage ideas

Nowadays nightstands are available with RFID locking systems. These nightstands can also be used to store your gun. A nightstand is usually kept at the side of the bed and is used to keep the night lamp on it. No one can have the slightest idea that you will be hiding your gun over there. When not in immediate need you can engage the RFID lock. But, if you feel that you need it immediately then do not engage the lock.

Clock Gun Concealment Safe

A clock lying on the table or hanging on the wall is used to show proper time. But, it is also used to hide your small gun. An object that can be used for both purposes. A clock shows the right time, and can also protect you when you need it the most. 

Gun Concealment Bench

A bench for sitting is a must either in the garden area or your living room area. The bench that can be used for sitting and relaxing can also be used to hide and conceal your gun. 

Vault Under Bed Safe

Hidden gun storage ideas

There are beds available in the market with storage cabinets. But, you might not have imagined beds with gun storage vaults. But, yes they are available. You can sleep on the bed with your gun hidden just under your bed.

Hidden Gun Compartment Air Vent

Hidden gun storage ideas

A hidden gun compartment air vent is a very safe way to hide your firearm. It just looks like a normal air vent and comes with an RFID lock which can be unlocked easily when needed. 

The key features of air vent hidden gun storage are that it looks like a regular air vent that hides small firearms. The batteries are enough for 3000 openings. It is designed to fit in between 2 X 16 center studs.

Cabinet Floating Wall Shelf

There are hidden gun shelves available in the market which are wall mountable. Here we are talking about floating wall shelves. It is a kind of floating wall shelf with a single drawer. Usually, people mount this product on the wall in the wrong way. People mount it with a drawer facing outside, but no, you should mount it with a drawer facing towards the wall. So, when you open it, no one will be able to see it. 

It comes with an RFID locking system and 2 ball-bearing slideout systems. Has a soft closing door, and a Lacquer finish.

Gun Concealment Flag Box

Hidden gun storage ideas

This option is for those of you, who keep the flag at home and daily fold it and keep it inside. It is a non-locking option that can easily hide your firearm in plain sight. No one will ever suspect that you will be hiding your gun in the flag box. The box comes in the size of 17 inches X 12 inches with sloping sides. So, it can easily hold your gun.

Hidden Gun Book Safe

If you are fond of reading and have a small library at home, then this is a very good option. It is made of solid metal, so you have to keep it well hidden because if someone goes through your bookshelf and tries to move it, he or she will immediately come to know.  It also makes a metallic sound if moved. So, there is an improvised version, which has a cardboard hardcover, and plastic pages. You should cut some thermocol in the size of the gun and insert it into the space provided to keep the gun well protected, and to avoid the clanking sound.

So, these are some of the hidden gun storage ideas that you can use around your house. If you know of some other ideas then do let us know in the comment section below.