All About Hidden Gun Storage

Hidden gun storage is considered to be one of the most extraordinary ways to make your home look stylish while also keeping your private firearm security at the front. Besides this, you can also keep your personal belongings safe and secured.

Hidden Gun Storage

As a gun owner, the safety and security of your firearms are of utmost importance. At Hidden Gun Storage, we understand this and offer a comprehensive range of hidden gun storage solutions to meet the diverse needs of gun owners.

Our product portfolio encompasses everything from hidden gun storage mirrors and coffee tables to wall storage units, furniture, shelves, headboards, bookshelves, flag displays, picture frames, cabinets, and even hidden vehicle storage solutions. Whether you’re seeking a discreet way to store your firearms or a piece of furniture that doubles as a hidden gun storage unit, we’ve got you covered.

Not only do we offer a wide selection of hidden gun storage options, but we also provide expert advice and guidance to help you choose the perfect solution for your needs. From hidden gun storage ideas to furniture with hidden compartments, our team of experts is always available to assist you in finding the best solution for your specific needs.

Don’t leave the safety and security of your firearms to chance. Take control of your firearms security today by exploring the wide range of hidden gun storage solutions available at Hidden Gun Storage. Whether you need a hidden gun shelf, a hidden gun safe, a hidden gun cabinet, a dropdown hidden gun shelf, a nightstand with a hidden gun compartment, a hidden wall gun safe mirror, a briefcase with a hidden gun compartment, or a hidden gun holder, we’ve got you covered. Browse our collection today and find the perfect hidden gun storage solution for you.

Hidden Gun Doors

As seen in the movies there are hidden gun doors or a room full of firearms and is a pretty standard way to store your guns safely. This is also a great way to hide firearms in plain sight.

Biometric Handgun Safes

A little high-tech Biometric gun safe case where you use a fingerprint to lock or unlock the gun safe. Most of these safes are built for handguns, but there are options for rifles and shotguns, too.

Coffee Table with hidden gun storage

Coffee tables with hidden gun storage are trendy nowadays because they offer an easy and convenient way to conceal your firearms from burglars or thieves, but also from curious kids who might find them if their parents don't keep them locked up in a safe.

Under The Bed Gun Safes

An excellent option for keeping a shotgun close by and ready. They're a great option if you want to keep a rifle or shotgun fairly close but secure using Under Bed Gun Safes​.

Classic Gun Display Case

Sometimes we want to show off our cool gun collection, and this is a great way to do it. There are gun cases that range from being simple to very ornate.

Hidden Gun Shelf

Living Room Gun Storage

If you have chosen your living room as to add a touch of concealment furniture, then you can opt for beneath the table or shelf gun storage. This idea is mostly used by businesses to keep their money and valuables safe and secure. 

When you decide to hide your guns beneath the table, you must choose a handgun. A handgun can be sticked to any position. This makes it easier to get your gun out in difficult situations as soon as possible. Some people opt for a biometric fingerprint lock, electronic keypad or keyless operation.

Bedroom Gun Storage Furniture

A Bedroom is a place where we feel the safest and secure while having our beauty sleep. This is the reason why people mostly keep at least one of their guns in their bedrooms. Earlier people used to keep their guns under the pillow, but that was extremely a bad idea as it was not safe enough.

So, being a responsible gun owner you must keep your firearms in a gun safe that looks like furniture. It will help in keeping your children safe from guns and also come in handy in difficult situations. 

Mostly, these storages are attached to the floor for keeping your guns secured. Some of the hidden gun storages have keypads with light over the locks for putting the proper combination to open the locks without any lights.

Hidden Gun Storage

Hide your guns under your bed or your side table or mirrors to store your guns to access it easily whenever there’s a break into your house.

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Hidden Gun Storage Safes & Furniture

One of the most loved and popular hidden gun storage safes are none other than the bookshelves or the standard wall cabinets. If you opt for these cabinets, then you’ll be provided with two fundamental varieties to choose from. 

Generally, the compartments are quite big to fit all of your rifles and shotguns. The front side will be displaying trophies, photos, or books. You can pick whatever you wish to have on the front side. 

These hidden gun storages have the capacity to accommodate both handguns and lengthy rifles or even multiple smaller sized guns. Some of them come with LED lights that can be highly useful at night when the lights are off.