We have discussed a lot about hidden gun storage furniture, hidden gun storage in cars, and other hidden gun storage ideas to store your firearm in plain sight at home or when you are traveling in a car. 

But, you know that you may not be safe even on roads while traveling on a train, or when you have parked your car a couple of blocks away from your office and are walking towards it. 

In that case, you need to hide your weapon in the briefcase or laptop bag. Today let us talk about concealed carry bags with hidden gun storage. 

A concealed carry bag or concealed carry briefcase will give you a sense of professionalism and safety. You can carry a lot of things like office documents, a laptop, wallet, makeup kit, and money apart from the firearm that you are carrying. 

Also, the concealed carry briefcase is a very good idea for someone who has to travel a lot, and whose job is to go to remote locations. The concealed carry bag serves a dual purpose. One is to carry all the office documents properly and another to carry a small gun for your safety. 

Guns That Can Fit In Concealed Carry Bags

Whenever you select a gun to conceal carry in your bag or briefcase, then you should consider certain points. The concealed carry compartment should be easy to locate. The gun should be small and lightweight. Here is the list of some guns that you can hide in a concealed carry bag.

Concealed Carry Bag With Hidden Gun Storage

Depending on the type of briefcase or the bag that you carry to work, there are a variety of bags and briefcases that are available. Here is the list of bags that you can use

  • Concealed carry sling bag
  • Concealed carry shoulder bag
  • Concealed carry laptop bag
  • Concealed carry tote bag

Concealed Carry Sling Bag

Here are some of the examples of concealed carry sling bags available 

Wolf Tactical Compact Edc Sling Bag

  • This bag has a nylon lining zip closure and 7 inch shoulder drop. 
  • It is constructed with a rough and tough weather resistant nylon material and has spacious compartments to store items and dual zipper design.
  • Has a padded back pocket for small handguns and is a perfect sling bag for men as well as women.
  • The upgraded back mesh padding is comfortable and stores your handgun in a safe way. You just need to add your flashlight, and handgun mags and you are good to go.
  • This compact shoulder bag is perfect for carrying your wallet, water bottle, phone, keys, snacks, and your handgun while going for a walk, travelling, or going for a hike.
  • The upgraded laser cut webbing technology not only gives a sleek look to your bag, but also increases its storage capacity.

Purchase: You can purchase it from here.

Cost: $27.99

Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag

Concealed carry shoulder bags are important for both men and women. Here is one of the examples of concealed carry shoulder bag

Travelon Anti-theft Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag

Concealed carry bag with Hidden gun storage
  • The main compartment holds your firearm and is protected by travelon’s tamper secure zippers. 
  • Has a rigid board that is lined with hook and loop and a reversible holster.
  • The holster is secured to the board and is accommodated to fit the size of the firearm and personal gun drawing preference of the user.
  • Bag has designated pockets for pepper spray and a knife for layered protection.
  • Anti-theft features include slash resistant material, RFID locking compartment, slash resistant and locking straps to keep yourself safe.

Purchase: You can purchase it from here.

Cost: $62.16

Concealed Carry Laptop Bag

People use laptop bags to carry their laptops and other office materials. But, some laptop bags are designed to conceal firearms. Here is an example of such a laptop bag.

Travelon’s Anti-theft Concealed Carry Tour Bag

  • In the Travelon’s anti-theft concealed tour bag you can carry your laptop along with many other things and a gun.
  • The front compartment comes with a tamper secure locking zipper and a reversible holster that can be placed in the way which you are comfortable to remove the gun.
  • The main compartment includes RFID protected card and passport slots. 
  • Anti-theft features include slash resistant construction and RFID locking system of the main compartment.

Purchase: You can purchase it from here.

Cost: $106.43

Concealed Carry Tote Bag

Women love to carry tote bags wherever they go. It can carry all its essentials. And nowadays for the safety of women, it is necessary that they carry a gun with them. So, how about they carry a concealed carry tote bag in which they can hide their gun. Here is an example of it.

Large Real Leather Concealed Carry Tote Bag

  • The product comes with a detachable holster that is secured by velcro.
  • Tote has a double zippered centre pocket to keep your gun protected and properly attached in the holster.
  • Fits handguns securely into it.
  • It is a 100%high quality real leather purse which can go with any dress and is for any occasion.
  • The oversized main compartment is used to put all the regular everyday essentials, 
  • 2 small pockets for easy access to phone or makeup.
  • The back zippered pocket to hold your gun and other important documents.

Purchase: You can purchase it from here.

Cost: $82.99

So, these are some of the concealed carry bag with hidden gun storage that can be used while you are going on the road by walking, going for a hike, or on a picnic. If you know of something else then do let us know in the comments section.