A house becomes a home only when you decorate it with your own hands. In that decoration, you include flower pots, art pieces, and paintings that hang on the wall. Wall art is a way to decorate your house. Keeping guns and firearms at home for your and your family’s safety is a common thing nowadays. But, you should not keep it in plain sight. If you keep it in a safe then also it will become quite obvious that you are keeping a firearm in the safe. Wall art is another way to hide your firearms in pure sight. So, let us have a look at some of the great Gun concealment wall art pieces. 

Different gun concealment wall art available with hidden gun storage

The art of concealment is a popular way to store your firearms in a safe and secure manner. These art pieces are designed to blend in with the décor of your home, office, or business.

Gun concealment wall art can be used for both personal and professional purposes. The art is made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, and glass. The most popular type of material is wood because it offers the best natural look for the space.

This section will introduce you to the idea of gun concealment wall art that is available with hidden gun storage.

Gun safe wall art is a trend that has been around for quite some time now and it’s becoming more and more popular every day. The idea behind this type of artwork is to hide the guns in plain sight so that they are not seen by uninvited guests or thieves. This type of artwork can be used in the home, office, or any other place where guns are present.

gun concealment wall art

Hidden gun storage farmhouse style pine cabinet

The need for gun concealment home décor has been on the rise in the past few years. Different types of people are faced with different problems. Some have to worry about burglars, some have to worry about children and others just want a more aesthetic look to their living space.

This article provides an overview of a hidden gun storage farmhouse style pine cabinet that is great for people who want to keep their guns concealed and out of sight while also blending in with their home décor.

Bellewood Designs Customizable Gun Cabinet Wall Decoration - Personalized Gun Safe To Securely Store Your Gun In Plain Sight (Early American)

Secure your gun and personal belongings in this wall art with a hidden locked compartment. The front of the wall hanging is customizable with name, word or any phrase of your choice in any kind of writing that you want. A customizable foam insert is also available. This foam contains tiny perforated squares that can be removed to fit the product. The gun cabinet is hand crafted with a large variety of options available to fit your choice of home decor.

  • It has soft close slow motion hinges to avoid slamming of the door.
  • The cabinet has an integrated magnetic locking system, so that the cabinet can be opened only by those who have the keys to it. But, it can be easily opened and provides easy access to your firearm.
  • All the hardware needed for mounting is included and installation and usage video is provided in the packaging itself.
  • Has a customizable hand painted front, where you can add your last name, slogan, or any other thing that you want.

StandNtall Gun Concealment wall decor picture frame Gun safe home decoration Pistol safe hidden

The Gun Concealment Wall Art is a concealed gun storage system that can be used to store guns in an inconspicuous manner. The art piece is designed to look like a framed canvas painting, but it has a hidden door that opens to reveal the gun storage compartment. Once the door is open, the guns are easily accessible and ready for use.

StandNtall Gun Concealment Wall Decor Picture Frame Gun Safe Home Decoration Pistol Safe Hidden
  • With this product you can hide anything in plain sight like keys, jewelry, money and especially your gun.
  • The frame holds any 8X10 picture, which can be changed daily. You can keep your family picture in the frame.
  • The outside dimensions are 13” X 11” X 4” and the inside dimensions are 12” X 10” X 2”.
  • It comes with keyhole mounting brackets so that it can be hung very easily.
  • A customizable foam insert is available. You can have this foam cut out as per your need or remove the foam completely to store whatever you want to store.
  • All wood grain on each individual item will vary. No two items will be identical.

Wall art painting decor gun safe cabinet for bedroom and Livingroom

Gun concealment wall art is a way to keep your gun safe and out of the reach of children using concealment picture frame. Wall art painting décor gun safe cabinet for bedroom and Livingroom is a way to store your guns in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Wall Art Painting Decor Gun Safe Cabinet For Bedroom Living Room Concealment Shelf Furniture Hidden Compartment Firearm Storage For Home Safe
  • Measurements of the wall art are 23” X 16” X 2.75” with the inner dimensions of 21” X 14” X 2”
  • It is made up of Aluminium frame and wood with peg board design at the inside.
  • It is a secure wooden compartment that no one will notice and will be helpful in keeping your family safe and sound.
  • With a wall art appearance and hidden gun cabinet, it can be mounted in any room of your house whether it is your foyer, office, bedroom, living room, bathroom, or even your garage.
  • It can be quickly installed within 10 minutes with the help of your hammer.

Hidden gun storage Picture frame safe

These wall art paintings are designed to conceal a gun safe picture frame. The painting is designed to be mounted on the wall and provide the illusion of a normal piece of wall art, while hiding an actual gun safe.

Hidden Gun Box and Storage Picture Frame with 11" x 14" Print - Firearms & Handgun Cabinet
  • This hidden gun safe provides secure, quick, and easy access to provide protection and self defense for your family.
  • The hidden gun cabinet is a real picture frame that is of high quality and very attractive.
  • It has no exposed hinges or double looking picture frame.
  • The large size frame holds a full size handgun.
  • The frame swings downward to provide easy access to the hidden compartment.
  • Hidden gun safe hardware includes two wall anchors, two screws, two strong earth magnets to hold metal objects. It also has instructions to change the image.

So, this is all we wanted you to know about gun concealment wall art. If you know of something else, do let us know in the comments section below.

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