Keeping a gun or a weapon at home means keeping your family safe when there is a home invasion by burglars or any other threats that you and your family are facing. But, keeping your firearm or gun in plain sight poses a risk to your family in many ways. 

First of all, if you are having a kid at home and if your gun is lying in the plane’s sight then the kid may start playing with it and some accident might happen. 

Also, if the burglar comes to know that you have a weapon, then your weapon might get stolen, and then it will be a big threat for you and your family. There are different furniture available where you can store your gun called hidden gun furniture, and also there are accessories like mirrors which can be used to hide guns for quick access. One of them is a hidden gun shelf. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hidden Gun Shelf ?

A hidden gun shelf is a completely hidden, secure covert compartment where you can store your arms and ammunition and protect your home immediately. Also, you can keep your weapon and priced positions are hidden in plain and site and no one will come to know about it. 

It provides fast access to your weapon when you need it. The hidden gun storage shelves with RFID access provide better security as compared to shelves with magnets because the shelves with an RFID locking system can only be opened with your secure id or bracelet. 

The hidden gun shelf is not only used to store guns, but also important documents, keys, jewelry, and many other things. 

Top Hidden Gun Shelf That You Should Think Of Buying

There are a variety of hidden gun storage shelves available in the market. But, you should study the features of each and every product carefully before buying any one of them.

You should buy the product that suits you the best. Here is the list of top hidden gun shelves that are available in the market.

PS Products Concealment Shelf Espresso

Hidden Gun Shelf

It is a 24-inch concealment shelf that blends in easily with the other room decor and looks like a normal shelf to keep decorative items and store things. No one can come to know that there will be a gun storage shelf. This shelf can also be decoyed with other shelves. The shelf has an RFID mechanism that provides more security to your valuables. 

  • This shelf can be hidden as a normal piece of furniture
  • It is very convenient and secure.
  • The shelf remains firmly locked until and unless the magnetic key is activated. 
  • Shelf opens from below in a smooth controlled manner.
  • It is made of solid wood with a dark finish.

Cost: $114.27

Purchase: You can purchase it from here.

Tactical Traps Patriot 35S Compact Gun Shelf

Hidden Gun Shelf
  • This shelf acts as a securely hidden compartment with an RFID locking system. It provides quick access to protect you and your family.
  • The shelf has a customizable foam cut-out that can fit and provide proper cushioning to any kind of gun. 
  • High-quality wooden furniture of the shelf helps to fit in any corner of the house with any other furniture.
  • The product can be installed very easily.
  • Patriot 35S measures 10 ¼” Wide X 10 ¼” Deep X 4” inch tall. Also has a 17” X 8” interior space with 1 ½” adjustable customizable foam. 

Cost: $197

Purchase: You can purchase it from here

Casual Home Monroe C- Table drawer

Hidden Gun Shelf
  • The table is designed with sophisticated versatility to fit in with the other elegant furniture. You can also use it as a computer table or writing table. 
  • It has a smooth gliding concealed lower compartment at the bottom of the table. 
  • The table comes secured with a magnetic device and a key which is magnetically released with a swipe. 
  • Has a solid wood construction ensuring lasting durability and beauty.
  • The dimensions of this product are 10” X 22.75” X 24”
  • Dimensions of the inside hidden drawer are 6.5” W X 12.75” D X 1.75” H

Cost: $75.54

Purchase: You can purchase it from here

Casual Home Lincoln Night Stand Compartment

Hidden Gun Shelf
  • The rich wood top of this compartment slides effortlessly to reveal a spacious compartment for storing guns as well as your valuables. 
  • It comes with a secured magnetic locking device and a key that is magnetically released with just a swipe. The compartment is felt-lined to protect valuables. 
  • The furniture can be used as a nightstand or as a side table. 
  • Dimensions of the entire table are 20” X 25” X 27”.
  • The hidden compartment dimensions are 19.5” W X 16.5” D X 1.5” H

Cost: $540.98

Purchase: You can purchase it from here.

So, these are the uses of the hidden gun shelf and also, some of the examples of hidden gun shelves that you can look into if you are trying to buy one. If you know of something else, then do let us know in the comments section below.