These are bad times and a lot of times we need to carry our firearms with us in our cars. At a lot of places we cannot carry the firearm along with us and we cannot leave it in the car in plain sight as there are high chances of your gun getting stolen from your car. 

So, then, which is the best place in your car where you can hide your firearm? There are various hidden gun storage ideas to hide your gun. Let us have a look at various ideas for Hidden vehicle gun storage and know-how to implement these ideas in your vehicle. 

There are places where you cannot carry your gun with you. So, you need to hide it in your vehicle. If you are having the Hidden vehicle gun storage, then you should also make sure that you fully comply with gun concealment reciprocity laws, while hiding a gun in your vehicle. So, here are some of the ideas to hide your gun in plain sight in your vehicle. 

Hidden Vehicle Gun Storage

Nowadays with the help of technology, there are various gun storage ideas available to hide a gun in your vehicle. These ideas also depend on the type of vehicle that you are driving. 

Decked Drawers

If you are driving a truck or a van then decked drawers are the best to hide your firearms. Decked drawers are slide-out drawers located below the truck bed near your rear wheels. These Decked drawers provide enough space to hide big guns in them and it can also carry a heavy load of about 2000 lbs on it. These are very safe to hide your firearms. You do not need to climb on the truck bed to remove your gun. It is a slide-out drawer. Not a single person will have the idea that you are hiding your gun over there and the burglars will be taken by surprise. Here are a few examples for the decked drawer gun hiding system

Decked Ram Pick Up Truck Storage System

Decked Ram pickup truck

Decked Ram pickup truck

  • The decked system in this drawer includes accessories like one dessert Tan D- box, a dessert Tan cross box, two dividers, and one drawer organizer.
  • It is easy to install or remove.
  • Maximizes your trucks storage system by storing firearms, and gears in the decked drawer and carrying the heavy load on top of it. 
  • The decked drawers are weather proof and hence your tools and guns are totally safe from the impact of the weather. 
  • The tough storage systems are built to withstand bitter weather conditions and are long-lasting.

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The Hidden Console Vault

Whenever you leave your vehicle, you leave the things inside the vehicle exposed. You cannot keep your wallet and gun exposed in the car. For that, the best option is the hidden gun console vault. The Hidden gun console vault is designed to protect your firearms, cards, and money. This vault can be placed under your arms rest in between the two front seats. 

A 3 digit combination lock system is used to keep the valuables safe. Here are a few ideas for gun console vault in the car.

Console Vault Gun Safe 09-13 With Sync System And Barrel Key Lock

Console vault gun safe 09-13

Console vault gun-safe 09-13

  • No modification to your vehicles console is needed
  • The 12 gauge steel construction meets automotive stringent quality standards.
  • It has a triple guard locking system and three digit or four digit digital locker system available.
  • The burglar may be able to break into your vehicle but not into your console vault.

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Under Seat Storage Space

Some companies design a custom-built storage space that can hide your gun under the seat that you are sitting. Your gun will be totally safe and out of view of the intruders and other people sitting in your vehicle.  Here is the example of one such product

Bulldog Cases Car Safe With Key Lock

Bull dog case car safe
  • This case comes with a mounting bracket and 3 foot security cable.
  • The case is made of steel and is very strong.
  • Vault can be stored under your seat with a bracket and 3 foot security cable. 
  • It can be accessed comfortably with a key.
  • Interior size 7″ x 5.25″ x 2″; Exterior size 8.2″ x 5.9″ x 2.2″

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So, these are a few ways to store your gun in your vehicle. If you know of something else then do let us know in the comment section below.